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Instead of point solutions, our platform can be flexibly deployed by health care organizations to support their strategic goals for patient engagement, quality, cost, and risk management.

The opportunities include:

  1. closing care gaps

  2. enabling home care after hospital or ER admissions

  3. care plan and medication adherence

  4. chronic disease prevention  

Each of these solutions involve engaging patients in self-care at home.  Our approach involves understanding their goals, motivations and anxieties that can be leveraged to nudge health-promoting behaviors.

Modern Architecture

Creating Bottom Line Value

The AIHS Patient Health Advocate platform supports HCOs to optimize financial performance based on their value based  reimbursement arrangements and levels of risk.




When bonuses are tied to a set of quality measures we can reach and activate patients to close their care gaps. 

With our home-based monitoring and management capabilities we can work to avoid preventable cost and utilization.

HCOs that assume risk for medical cost and utilization for a fixed payment per patient we offer lifestyle change approaches that reduce health risk and slow or prevent the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The AIHS Platform equips HCOs to improve key measure performance and enables interventions that improve quality, cost and satisfaction across different risk arrangements 

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