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Our Digital Health Platform Solution

The AIHS Patient Health Advocate platform leverages available EMR and claims data to understand health conditions and risks for each patient.  Through our omni-channel chat function, we can reach vast numbers of patients 24/7, using the baseline understanding of patient health conditions and leverage the information gleaned from chats to better tailor or engagement strategies.     

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AI/ML behavioral insights rest on our integrated data foundation and informs personalized engagement strategies
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By integrating EMR and claims data with insights from conversational chats, we have built a unique capability to build virtual relationships with patients from listening, understanding, and expressing empathy.  Machine learning informs the creation of patient profiles that share similar health, behavioral and risk profiles.

This enables us to build more personalized engagement strategies that meet patients where they are at and use behavioral science informed techniques to promote better health while preventing expensive downstream complications of chronic disease.

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