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Your AI Enabled and Behavior Science Driven Journey Toward Better Health

AI Health Solutions is a leading edge digital health company with a mission of extending the capabilities of healthcare organizations to proactively reach patients in their home to engage, motivate and monitor members as their health advocate on their journey to health and wellness while lowering health risks. 
Reach, Engage, Motivate, and Activate Patients
Our unique approach to remote patient monitoring and engagement leverages the latest advancements in AI, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver a low cost omni-channel multilingal platform for healthcare organizations to deliver personalized behavior science driven conversations designed to activate individuals and achieve the level of health and wellness they desire.
Prudently leveraging the dramatic increase in capabilities of AI, machine learning and natural language processing on a constrained conversational AI platform to deliver an omni-channel multilingal digital platform for patients in their homes.  

AIHS Patient Health Advocate Platform

Using Mobile Phones


of Adults
live with a chronic condition. 


of Adults
Have multiple
chronic  Conditions


of Adults


of Children
live with obesity, which is a leading cause of chronic metabolic conditions. 
Our Patient Health Advocate Platform extends the limited resource capabilities of care teams to proactively reach vast numbers of members 24/7 to improve the quality and satisfaction and engagement with care and impacting the progression of  chronic conditions
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Our Unique Solution Approach

Instead of point solutions, our platform can be flexibly deployed by health care organizations to support their strategic goals for patient engagement, quality, cost, and risk management. The opportunities include closing care gaps, enabling home care after hospital or ER admissions, care plan and medication adherence, and chronic disease prevention. 


Each of these solutions involve engaging patients in self-care at home. Our approach involves understanding their goals, motivations and anxieties that can be leveraged to nudge health-promoting behaviors.

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